Thursday, September 29, 2011

Turn Wi-fi enable mobile into Wireless AccessPoint

You are here to turn your wi-fi enable mobile into a good and strong Access point or you can say a wi-fi hub. We'll see how with the help of a software we can share internet connection from a mobile to other laptop or to another wi-fi enable mobile phone and devices.

We are going to use a software called JOIKUSPOT. You can download free version from HERE. There are two version , Joikuspot Light and Joikuspot Premium. Joikuspot Light is good enough for us to use and good thing about it is its free of cost.

Download joikuspot light and install it on your mobile (the one which is going to act like a internet server or a access point)

You need just 2 simple steps to use JoikuSpot:
1. Click JoikuSpot-logo on your device and click start. JoikuSpot will start and in few seconds it is a working WLAN HotSpot.
2. Enable your pc’s network connections and select JoikuSpot as your wireless network connection.

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